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Woodlook components

Woodlook ™ products are characterized by an unusually wide range of profiles and color variations, which allows it to meet a variety of individual customer requirements. We can supply individually designed profiles based on drawings and individual colors for larger projects. Each products are offered in different lengths and colors. Please ask about the current availability and possible delivery dates.

Terraces profiles

Woodlook™ Standard planks

Size: 146 x 24 mm
Available lengths: 2200, 4000 mm
Capacity approx. 300 kg/m2

Available colors: merbaumahagongrafit
Another colors available by order.

Woodlook™ Premium Planks

Size: 150 x 25 mm
Available lengths: 2200, 3500, 4200 mm
Capacity approx. 400 kg/m2  


Available in all colors.
Another lengths available by order.

Woodlook™ Solid Planks

Size: 140 x 20 mm
Available lengths: 4000 mm
Capacity approx. 450 kg/m2


Available colors: merbauipe
Another colors and lengths available by order.

Usage of terraces planks: terraces and piers, pool areas, balconies, fences

All types are two-sided.

Facades cladding

Woodlook™ Grain planks

Size: 150 x 19 mm
Available lengths: 2200, 4200 mm

All types are two-sided.

Available colors: merbaumahagonteak, grafit  
Another colors and lengths available by order.

Woodlook™ Grain Modern planks 

Size: 240 x 19 mm
Available lengths: 2200, 4200 mm
From the visible side they create the look of 5 cm wide planks with “virtual” gap of 1 cm.

Available colors: merbaumahagongrafitantracit

Usage: facades cladding, fencies and railings

Cartridges Woodlook™

Full grooved profiles mounted on a plastic mat, which provides drainage.

Available colors: merbau, ipe

Woodlook™ fences planks

Size: 100 x 10 mm, available only in full design
Available lengths: 1100, 1800 a 2200 mm
Available colors: merbaumahagongrafit


Construction WPC prisms

Size 40 x 30 mm, dĺžka 2200 mm
Size 60 x 45 mm, dĺžka 2200 mm 

Suitable for mounting on a concrete slab

Construction aluminium prisms

Size:   40 x 15 mm; 40 x 25 mm; 40 x 30 mm; 60 x 40 mm; 50 x 100 mm
Lengths:       3000, 6000 mm

Suitable for mounting on a self-supporting substructure on pads, or ground screws without concrete base.

Rounded Wooden beam

Size: 35 x 48 mm, dĺžka 2200 mm

Staight Wooden beam

Size: 80 x 10 mm, Length 2200 mm
63 x 10 mm, Length 2200 mm     

Wooden beams for Premium planks 

Size: 150 x 25 mm

Pads for self-supporting constructions

Rectification pads – hight can be adjusted from 25 mm to 220 mm. Using the pads the installation is possible directly on the roof insulations foils or unprepared but contacted surface.

                      Pad 14mm                            Pad 2,5mm                                      Retification pad

Jointing material:

Starting clip

Mounting clip stainless 2mm

Mounting T-clip stainless 4mm

Mounting plastic T-clip

Mounting clip Modern

Mounting clip Grain

Jointing material:

  • Stainless steel screws
  • Angles
  • Rubber pads to adjust irregularities and noise and vibration damping