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What are the warranty conditions of Woodlook® profiles?

Woodlook®warranty conditions

We offer 10 year warranty on durability for to all material, except wooden beam, for usage in exterior in conditions of moderate climate region.

By the durability we mean the material does not craze or significantly alter its physical, performance characteristics and color (does not turn grey like wood or change its color significantly).  Slight change in the color shade due to UV radiation is acceptable. The only significant change in the shade of color occurs only in color Orech – “Walnut”. Boards fades to pale gray which some customers find interesting.

Extended 25 year warranty applies to material resistance to rot, mold and wood decaying insects.

The warranty period starts from the date of purchase - the date on the invoice or contract. The guarantee is valid for materials in compliance with installation instructions and under normal use of the terrace, not for commercial or other purposes, which can cause enormous loading.

The warranty also excludes damage due to vandalism, extreme weather factors such as hail, violent or other damage caused by heavy or sharp objects.

Fulfillment of the warranty period means the free exchange of defective pieces for new that fit to the area by shape, dimension and color. Free exchange does not include shipping and even removal and installation. This applies only if the terrace was assembled by our company.

The warranty period for the original material on the terrace does not extend by this change. The same thing applies for the pieces that are replaced.

What about the maintenance of the Woodlook®? terrace and cladding profiles?

Maintenance of the Woodlook terrace is essentially only cleaning the stains, which you will not miss anyway using any material. The level of soiling depends on various factors – location (shadow-light, cardinal..etc.) dust and prevailing weather. The most demanding terraces for cleaning/treatment are those which are most exposed to weather conditions and sun light.

The new terrace is more susceptible to soiling – you can see stains on it easily. Over the time, the stain resistance increases. Due to the rain or increased moisture spots may appear on newly installed terraces. It is caused by the increased dustiness in area of the terraces or facades. For spots removal it is possible to use high pressure washer (up to 80 bar) or rice brush but these spots usually disappear without intervention by natural exposure to UV radiation.

We recommend to clean greasy food stains using ordinary detergent and rinse with water as soon as possible. The wet spot will remain on the floor for few more days but then will disappear itself.

Do not use solvents which may leave permanent stains.

Do you have material/product in stock? What are the delivery dates?

Our products are in stock. For products on request there is 3 month waiting period (non-standard length, color). Please contact us for more information on stock levels.

Do you have your own transport capacities? Do you offer goods delivery?

We don’t have our own transport capacities but we can arrange delivery. For more information on delivery and the price of delivery please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you offer installation?

Yes we do, we have well trained and experienced assemblers who can install terrace for you. The price of installation is a part of quotation.


Is it possible to purchase Woodlook products/boards without purchasing installation? Can I assemble/install terrace on my own?

Yes, it is possible to purchase Woodlook products/boards for your terrace without the necessity of purchasing the installation. The installation of the terrace is not difficult and can be done by an average handyman.